Here at The Georgian Costume Study Centre we are all about the 18th century.

We'll be teaching and sharing the methods of the Mantuamaker, and the techniques of the Tailor that our own research has gleaned from the study of original garments.

This Study Centre is aimed at simply that - enabling the study of 18th century dress, in all it's grandeur and simplicity, and spreading the love of understanding the logic and construction behind every gown.

Discover the world of the 1730s Mantuamaker

Immerse yourself into the sewing techniques of the 18th century mantuamaker with our new online course. Based on 9 originals, this course teaches you the original methods and helps lead you into understanding gowns and garment construction from this era.

Take a look at our trailer here to get a glimpse into the new 1730s course.

"Get into the nitty gritty of 18th century costume with us, here at The Georgian Costume Study centre."

learn the art of mantuamaking here at The Georgian Costume Study Centre
18th century sewing online courses - 1730s sewing
The 1730s Mantua

The first of a planned series of courses, looking at how the mantua develops and evolves - from a constructional point of view.

In this course we'll take you into a deeper look at the 1730s mantua and how it was made. You'll be drafting your own gown, learning about the undergarments that support it, and then also learning how to construct your gown using original techniques.

what is an 1730s mantua and how does it work
Capturing 18th Century Fashion

Taking hold of not just the fashionable look to a gown, but the method of making and wearing (so that it feels real!), is one of our biggest heart's desires. As part of our research we go through thousands of images studying 18th century fashion and silhouettes. And all the image gazing gets seeped into our courses and into our passion.

Coming Soon

Our first course is up and running (whoop!) And lots, lots more is planned. We have a shorter course planned that looks at the Mantua gown's development over the whole of the 18th century from both a fashion and a constructional point of view. And we have a 1700s Mantua course planned too - where we delve into the crazy world of pleats and folds and aim to shape our mantua to the fashions of those early days.

learn 18th century sewing methods - mantuamaking courses

Hi, I’m Michelle Barker

I've been researching 18th century sewing since 2011, delving in and out of museums and their collections for over 10 years now.

I have many questions! But those questions have only helped fuel the research and what needs to be looked for on the original garments.

Join me and the team in our research journey - learning the hows and whys of mantuamaking & tailoring from the 18th century and asking and answering all sorts of questions on their techniques and logic.